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  4. Denise Crump says:

    Thank you so much. If the beekeeper says no, then it’s no. We want to keep that honey coming. However, if your beekeeper wants someone to sample the honeycomb to make sure it is fit for sale (hahaha) then by all means allow us to donate our taste buds for the good of the community…lol.

  5. I will ask our bee keeper about honeycomb. I asked last year and he said because it was the first year he didn’t want to take it. We were pretty cleaned out yesterday. Bill picked some zucchini this morning and I’m going to check on tomatoes. There is also some swiss chard, garlic, eggplant and herbs in the cooler.

  6. Denise Crump says:

    Pam, do you have actual honey comb? My daughters have asked to try it and so I need 3 bites or more…lol. And are there any vegetables left from yesterday?

  7. Marshmallow root is a skin soothing herb.

  8. What does the marshmallow powder in the summer soap do?

  9. The neem soap is what we use for dog shampoo. Also good for people.

  10. Will you have the dog shampoo?

  11. we love clover honey.. we will stop by! Thanks

  12. yes – we have lots of clover on our farm

  13. says:

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    Thanks, I’ll try and check back more oftеn. How frequently you update oսr web site?

  14. Yes – we will have both

  15. Will you have raw honey (not creamed)?

  16. You can. I’ll have it ready for you on Saturday.

  17. Donna Craig says:

    Can I reserve a chicken to pick up?

  18. It looks like we will have garlic scapes, kale, fresh herbs and lettuce.

  19. What seasonal produce will you have for Saturday?

  20. I added it to the list.

  21. Denise Crump says:

    Can you place a chicken on hold?

  22. Denise Crump says:

    Just got home from getting my vegetable plants. They look so great. The one even has little tomatoes.

    Thank you for all the info Pam. My daughter, Skylar, went on and on about how nice and smart you are. She’s also informed me that I’m not allowed to visit without her anymore.

    We will keep checking the blog and see you again very soon.

  23. Creekside Natural Farm awesome ty pam

  24. Maryann Bastone Miller I put several plants in the stand in the tray with the sweet basil

  25. Creekside Natural Farm Thank You! I’ll try to make it over today!

  26. I have a few more Maryann. I can put them in the stand for you if you let me know when.

  27. Rhonda White, Rosabec is our only determinate tomato. here is the description – Awesome early pink slicer tomato from Quebec. Being from another short season climate it is perfect for the Pacific Northwest. 6-8 oz pink globe fruit, excellent flavor and yields. Blemish free and good firmness make it great for market. The tall determinate bushes are easily caged or staked with a Florida weave trellis.

  28. 10 plants for $15 I will take then please

  29. Will u have any more lemon basil lolol i need a field of it pam ……

  30. Do you have Mortgage Lifters left? And any cherry style tomatoes?

  31. Rhonda White says:

    Do you have any tomato or pepper plants that would work well in a large container?

  32. It’s a container with herbs planted in it. We have some pre planted and will also have the option to choose your own plants and make your own.

  33. 1221 Bell Rd, Minooka

  34. Constance Bogdan , our address is 1221 Bell Rd, Minooka 60447
    We have some of things in our farmstand and some in our garage which is right next to the stand.

  35. I have been wanting to come out and was wondering about the rain tomorrow I will be coming from Oswego can you please post your address I

    I have been wanting to co e out and saw the rain in the forecast can you please post the location

  36. Sara Plese says:

    What exactly is the herb planter?

  37. They can but not all will make it through our winter.

  38. Are pansies edible pam??

  39. And, our bee keeper just brought over a fresh supply of our own honey-Yay!

  40. No chicken until mid June.

  41. Will you have frozen chicken?

  42. I have some regular honey, but we will be seeing you for that when we run out 🙂 the creamed honey just works really well on the toast, and really I like having all the honey 🙂

  43. Laney Sunshine , we do have regular honey available now

  44. Awesome. I’m super stoked to find some local!! We are almost out of what I have, and the kiddies love it on toast before bed. 🙂

  45. There is some in progress now. I’m thinking about a week.

  46. Are there plans to make this again or is there still some available?

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  48. Shawn Torres says:

    That honey is amazing! We are all addicted to it

  49. Will your glass gem corn be available?

  50. Me too! Has a part of the Creekside logo plus some bee and sunflower cuteness

  51. I love the new label!

  52. Hi Sara Plese, your peppers are in the stand. Thanks, Pam

  53. Sara Plese says:

    Creekside Natural Farm I’ll pick them up tomorrow between 11 and 12. Thanks again.

  54. Either is fine, just let me know

  55. Sara Plese says:

    Great! I’ll be there Friday midday. I could also pick them up Wednesday if that’s better.

  56. Hi Sara Plese, $20.00 a half is about 14 pounds.

  57. Sara Plese says:

    Creekside Natural Farm thanks, no rush.

  58. I will weigh some out this morning and figure out the price.

  59. Friday afternoon is fine. I have either roasted and frozen them or dehydrated them. They don’t need to be blanched for freezing but the roasting gives them more flavor and you remove the skin. It is also quite a bit of work. If you cut them in half, remove the seeds and freeze them, the skin will probably slip right off when they thaw.

  60. Sara Plese says:

    Oh actually I forgot it would be more like later in the day on Friday. Probably 3ish…

  61. Sara Plese says:

    Does Friday work? I can come anytime between 9 and 11. Thanks! How much for a bushel again? Freezing those would be ok to do right? They are so good in chili and omelettes!

  62. Hi Sara, I can pick a half bushel this week for you. When would you want it?

  63. Sara Plese says:

    Love your poblanos, among everything else! Will you be selling them by the bushel again this year? I was kicking myself last year for not getting a bushel to freeze!!!

  64. Ron Neri says:

    Jil Mcpherson Neri

  65. Just picked some up Saturday …. It was excellent !

  66. It says no sprays or gmo!

  67. Jennifer Nichols tell dad

  68. Lynne Fluhr says:

    Then we’ll be jealous

  69. Thanks for no sprays and non gmo!

  70. Debi Hozie Hopkins, I’ll have to get some of this!

  71. So excited best corn around!!!

  72. they’re just starting Rhonda. A little behind the others.

  73. What I wouldn’t give for garden vegetables right now. We are in the quote-unquote winter growing season of Florida. Got to wait for actual winter here to get all the good vegetables.

  74. Rhonda White says:

    Do you have Roma tomatoes?

  75. Laura Ann says:

    Creekside Natural Farm that’s all that matters. Thank you!

  76. Laura , we use organic practices (no chemicals) but are not certified.

  77. Joey, the beets are winding down so we will only have them by the bunch.

  78. Joey Manning says:

    Can I pickup a bushel of beets this weekend

  79. Laura Ann says:

    Is all of your produce organic?

  80. I am in love with my new soap I bought!! It has such a creamy texture!! I’ll be a regular customer for sure!

  81. I would like a big bottle please!! Aimee Willis can you get me one and we can meet for coffee or do each other’s hair and get it from you?

  82. Yes, it is. Freshly extracted last week.

  83. Cheryl Basso says:

    We will be there! Need honey for my granola recipe!

  84. Bob Filice says:

    Wow! Super! Wish we were closer than one and a half to two hours away. Maybe next weekend. Be well.

  85. Yes, we’re not set up for credit or debit.

  86. Awesome thanks a ton=) cash only correct?

  87. Kara Jane Anderson, It’s 13.00 for a 1 pound jar. We will also have some tiny jars but I’m not sure of the size. When I get them tomorrow, I’ll post that info.

  88. Safe travels Carolyn Kern Callahan.

  89. Wish I could. Today is last day in Illinois. Leaving for good tomorrow. 🙁

  90. How much for the honey?=)

  91. We sell them by the bunch for $3.

  92. Joey Manning says:

    Is the half bushels the smallest you sell them

  93. We are coming this time, now that I have the right date

  94. Yay! I am not working that day!

  95. Cannot wait for your tomatoes!!!!

  96. Dawn Maffeo says:

    Do you have turnips?

  97. Gee I wish I could. John leaves in 2 weeks, and us not far behind. Gotta empty my chest freezer in less than 1 month. Gonna miss your chickens.

  98. Jorja says:

    The hosenty of your posting shines through

  99. And try to rest, as there will be little rest come summer!

  100. Cheryl Basso says:

    What Renee Daggers-said!

  101. Marissa Schoneman says:

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  103. Farmer John says:

    no you wont! You will be here. Young living farm trip is the next weekend

  104. Aimee Willis says:

    wait, I might be gone…

  105. Farmer John says:

    Aimee Willis lets go

  106. Stephanie Thompson very close to you

  107. Melissa Kovacs Nicolette Kovacs

  108. And that sweet corn is Wonderful! Stopped to get some Monday, and was going to show you the finished alpaca shawl, but, guess you were out and about! Another time, then!

  109. We do have it in the cooler.

  110. Amy Schuch says:

    Do you have sweet corn right now

  111. Elvira Nunez says:

    Pam, could you please save me two bags of each? I’ll be there to pick up on Monday.

  112. You are such a visionary! 🙂

  113. Thanks Renee. It came to me in a vision after finding several boxes of tomatoes that were missing 1 or 2.

  114. Steven Joseph Hernandez

  115. There’s a video attached to this post

  116. Elvira Nunez says:

    Congratulations Pam & Tom! They’re all so cute!

  117. I’d love to see a photo of them in the back of a minivan!

  118. Sorry still at the Dr in Joliet waiting to be seen I hope to be there by 1200 or 1230

  119. Is it too late to order chickens???? I would like 5 cut up if I could???? I will message you… thank you!

  120. 11 is good. See you then

  121. we will head out after a dr appointment I hope to be there around 11 would that be okay?

  122. Hi Michelle, Chickens will be ready for pickup tomorrow. If you can give me an ETA, I’ll have them ready

  123. cut up would be great! Thanks!

  124. Would you like whole or cut up?

  125. Can I please order 2 chickens. I can pick up on Tuesday.

  126. Trisha says:

    Absolutely first rate and cotpdr-botpomee, gentlemen!

  127. Rhonda White says:

    I will probably be by tomorrow!!!

  128. Rhonda White, Basil is in the stand

  129. Got my asparagus yesterday, looking forward to spinach and arugula!!!

  130. Its supposed to be cold tonight so they’re still in the greenhouse.

  131. Rhonda White says:

    No basil plants today?

  132. Bob Filice says:

    Hope Luna is doing well!

  133. Can’t wait to see iit!

  134. Next time I stop by, I’ll bring the shawl I’m knitting, using the lovely yarn from your alpacas. I’m really enjoying this project!

  135. So jealous!! That is a trip I have been dying to do!!

  136. Ron Neri says:

    Jil Mcpherson Neri

  137. We are growing a couple of different grains this year in an effort to replace the soy in the diet for the laying hens and the heritage meat chickens. If that works out, it will be next years chickens and I will post that information on our blog.

  138. Hi laura, Between 8 &10 % of the laying hen diet is soy.

  139. Laura Ann says:

    Are your chickens fed soy?

  140. too bad I can’t figure out how to fix the picture so we can see their smiling faces – guess that’s my grandma coming out – LOL

  141. Looking forward to spending more time with Jill again this year!

  142. Cannot wait!!! I just LOVE your place!!!

  143. Let the planting soon begin!!

  144. Hi Katie, they are $5.00 per dozen. We think the yolks have a richer flavor. Especially in the summer when the hens are eating more greens and getting more sunshine.

  145. How many and how much for the eggs? Do they taste much different?

  146. What a beautiful bird he is.

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  148. These are the best chicken!

  149. I do not, most of mine died back also. I’ll have it later in the summer.

  150. yes, we can. You can leave them in the vegetable stand. Thanks

  151. Hi Carolyn, I looked on the Cowsmo website but can’t find that info. I use it in the garden by adding it to the hole when I transplant (about 1/2 cup). The chickens are going in on June6th so will be ready on the 7th.

  152. Do you have any organic or non-GMO organically grown thyme? Mine died over the winter & now I’m having a hard time finding some.

  153. I have egg cartons that I have been saving but don’t need them any more. Could you use them?

  154. how much area does one bag cover of the compost? And do you have a date yet for the chickens? I am bummed that I missed the tour yesterday. I had a sick child. 🙁

  155. Sara Plese says:

    This is the best news ever! Can’t wait!

  156. Great – can’t wait to meet her. She is so darn cute!

  157. Hi Christine, I know everyone is busy and we tried to choose a day where the most people would be able to come out. If we have another Open House this year it will be in the fall. Perhaps you can come out before your party Sunday. The open House runs from 9am until 4 pm.

  158. Pam, I’ll probably bring P out after the half marathon. She’s been asking about the chickens!

  159. You guys are killing me! We have my daughter’s birthday party Sunday! Please consider planning another Open House if you can!

  160. I am SO happy to hear you are working to eliminate soy from your chicken’s diet! -Diane

  161. Jane Barnet says:

    Beautiful colors. Great job!

  162. Barbara Will-Henn, Our page is When we start putting eggs in the stand, I will post it there.

  163. This is wonderful! Love your chickens; they are the best tasting! Keep up the good work.

  164. Thanks! Can you give me directions or web address if you have a site?

  165. It sounds like you are looking for a CSA. We don’t have that program here as we have found that our customers prefer to pick out what they want.

  166. Hi Barbara, We are located in Minooka. We sell eggs all year, but have a limited quantity during the winter. Our young hens should start laying in early April. We also sell heirloom corn meal during winter.

  167. Can someone tell me if there is a or recommend, a local cooperative I can join to buy locally grown and raised food? I live in the Plainfield/Joliet area. My sis is in one in the southern part of the state where you pay a monthly fee and support small family farms…

  168. Where do we purchase your products?

  169. Thanks Sheryl. AWA has the most stringent standards for certification of all groups.

  170. Congratulations, Pam. I knew you and your husband were serious in your efforts. This label is quite an honor. Great job.

  171. The cider from Big Head Farm is wonderful! I wish I had bought two. There is lots going on tomorrow at the Good Food Festival tomorrow. Anyone who has a chance should go.

  172. Hi Sheryl, We do have more. Let me know when you want to stop out.

  173. Do you have some more for us to purchase?

  174. That would be good with some bean soup! We do have more. It will be good for a year if you freeze it. If you have strong smelling things like peppers in your freezer, you should put the cornmeal in hard plastic containers so they don’t pick up the pepper smell.

  175. Thanks Sheryl Fletcher Coon. It is my favorite cornbread and is also gluten and sugar free! You really get the flavor of the fresh cornmeal without the flour and sugar.

  176. THIS is Fabulous!!! Add some green chilies or creole seasoning if you want it a little spicy.

  177. I just made the cornbread in the cast iron skillet! YUMMO!!! Crunchy and delicious. I think we may add some green chilies or sun dried tomatoes and creole seasoning. We like spicy food. Pam, is it too late to buy more? Also, how long will it keep if I freeze it?

  178. Sounds like what I grew up with so ce there were no modified foods when I was a kid and DDT was banned when I was young

  179. Bob Filice says:

    Hi Dan I hope you see this. Your aunt Pat and I when to Creekside Natural Farm two weeks ago. We met Matthews parents. We also bought two dozen eggs and 6 pounds of corn meal. Great stuff! Say hi to Mat.

  180. Thanks- those are beautiful!

  181. Hi Bob, Can you give me an ETA for picking up the cornmeal today?

  182. We’ll be outside for a couple of hours, so try my cell if you call before 3:00. 815-715-3590

  183. Will do, Pam. Up in the city at Dr appts. Will call when we have an idea of timeframe.

  184. Hi Sheryl, Today would be fine. We’re supposed to go back into the ice-age tomorrow. We’ll be home all day, but may be in the back pasture for a little while, so just let me know what time.

  185. Actually we could pick up later today if that is alright.

  186. 8 pounds is not too much. this corn variety did very well this year so we have plenty. what time Wed?

  187. After talking to Russ, we are thinking we need eight pounds. Is that too much?

  188. Sheryl Fletcher Coon and Bob Filice, both days will work. If you can give me an ETA, I will watch for you.

  189. Bob Filice says:

    I want to order five pounds. Can we pick it up Tuesday?

  190. Thanks, Pam! Then I will buy four. Can I pick them up Wednesday?

  191. Hi Sheryl, Yes, you can freeze it. I would put in a freezer container to protect it from picking up any odor from other things you might have in your freezer – like peppers.

  192. If I buy more, can I freeze the meal?

  193. Sue Glenn says:

    Memories from both early childhood and Southern meals with cornbread baked in cast iron skillet.

  194. That’s awesome! I definitely want at least 2 pounds. I’ll email you during the week.

  195. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

  196. you can find them on-line and they also have a beautiful catalog & no GMO’s

  197. Hi Brian, For garden seeds in smaller quantities, my favorite is Bakers Creek Heirloom

  198. Brian Brown says:

    Who do you think has the best seeds? Im looking to start planning my back yard garden soon

  199. I think Baron was a little jealous that I didn’t make one for him – LOL but then he has a bed in our room instead of the barn.

  200. If you start sewing more Darla would love one….she’s so spoiled…I throw her bed in dryer for a few minutes while she’s outside using bathroom so when she comes n it’s nice and warm…she loves it!!!

  201. Bob Filice says:

    Dan thanks for the reminder about Creekside Natural Farm. I will try my best to visit within 3 or 4 wks. Be Well!

  202. We didn’t think Apollo needed a coat because he’s 8 months old AND he’s never more than a few feet away from his mama, but it’s supposed to be REALLY COLD. And he does look happy to have it! Betsy looks pretty happy with hers too.

  203. Pam you are so darn handy, always were. How nice for the little citters.

  204. Do you sell them all year!?

  205. Those eggs are worth it. Merry Christmas.

  206. Gina Mangra says:

    That’s beautiful! Great job Bill!

  207. Very impressive work! How nice for the hens.

  208. Ahhhhh! Nevermind. I resent it. It was a user error! Email works just fine 🙂

  209. Hi Pam, I tried to email but it got sent back. If like to order a lattice top apple and a dozen eggs if possible for Christmas Eve. I pass the farm on my way to work Tuesday around 2pm. Would that work for a pick up time?

  210. and she doesn’t care to be held still while I put her coat on either – LOL

  211. I would love a few for thanksgiving!

  212. it always amazes me that the chicks know to tilt their head back when they take a drink – even at 1 day old!

  213. We do. They will be in the cooler until it gets too cold.

  214. Do you still have eggs?

  215. Hi Pat, I use pastry flour and have not found a local source for organic.

  216. Organic flour, of course?

  217. I will also make pumpkin and possibly cherry for Thanksgiving.

  218. I agree! I’m thinking Wed. will be pick-up day for Thanksgiving week.

  219. Would be nice for thanksgiving? I’m sick of bakers square or grocery store pie.

  220. Just picked up a bag of pears and a couple of poblano peppers. Yummo.

  221. Those are the Italian Frying peppers – my favorite also!

  222. These were the best stuffed peppers I’ve ever made!

  223. I loved those peppers on the bottom left! They were great in my pasta!

  224. Amber Lynn says:

    Can’t wait to stop by today after my daughter’s field trip. Fresh eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast and peppers for stuffed pepper soup!

  225. Absolutely! At least I am smart enough not to buy too many this time!

  226. Thanks to Matt for picking the apples today!

  227. Sheryl, you can use your new food mill to make applesauce!

  228. Okay. Running errands tomorrow. How to swing by for some salsa.

  229. I think they’re Johnathan. They came from an old tree that Bill’s parents planted so I’m not positive.

  230. Salsa and apples. What kind of apples!

  231. Not sure, they’re from old trees that Bill’s parents planted. They’re similar to Johnathan-a little tart and crisp.

  232. What kind of apples, Pam?

  233. I can leave a jalapeño in the cooler for you Steve.

  234. Best salsa! I will for sure buy more!!

  235. I say make this one a little spicier. Not blow your face off spicey but just a little warmer.

  236. It looks like I’ll make another batch tomorrow. Should be ready by late in the day tomorrow.

  237. Bob Filice says:

    The Creekside natural farm is just south of Route 52 on Ridge Road, right?

  238. Bob Filice says:

    Could I order one quart please? Medium heat.

  239. We will ride down to get some!

  240. I bought the last one yesterday, would love some more!

  241. If you make it, we will come.

  242. Zinnias are my favorite flower!

  243. Looking forward to this season’s batch. Last years was sooo good!

  244. PS I used a few poblano peppers, but it’s not spicy.

  245. I saw this….was nifty!

  246. The tractor driving job (me) is much nicer than the stacking job (Bill), but it was a nice day for it.

  247. I drove by 2day & got 2 C the baling being done 🙂

  248. Hi Joni, We do, but they sell out every day.

  249. Do you all still have eggs at the farm?

  250. Bill will pick corn this morning. Glad you liked it, We thought it was awesome too!

  251. Awesome corn!!!! I need more :). The beets were very good! Made both as soon as we got home! Delicious!!!

  252. The cherry tomatoes are my absolute favorite! If only they didn’t cost $350 to fly home! 🙂 – Matt.

  253. Almost SALSA time???

  254. Where are you located?

  255. Lisa Bartuch says:

    What other veggies are available now?

  256. admin says:

    We hope to have more from a later variety. I will put the sign back up if we do.

  257. Livysmom says:

    Are you going to have more strawberries? Stopped by twice and they were gone

  258. admin says:

    Hi Cheryl, We website is Suri Network. Hope you find something nice to make with your yarn

  259. admin says:

    Going out to pick more strawberries!

  260. Cheryl says:

    I purchased some wonderful yarn at the FHM. I have forgotten the web address you told me about to check out free patterns. Help me please!?!

  261. admin says:

    We are open 7 days a week from sun-up to sun-down. We run our stand on the honor system. You leave your payment in the drop box. If we are available, we can make change when needed.

  262. WHat are your hours? (708)846-6041

  263. admin says:

    Hi Bonnie, We do have some heirloom plants left. No Mortgage Lifter, but we have Cherokee Purple which is a taste test winner.

  264. Bonnie says:

    Do you have any Mortgage Lifter tomato plants or any other tomato plants that will have old fashioned tasting tomatos for tomato sandwiches- (gooey bread like wonder, mayo, pepper, 1.5 inch slice tomato.) (cross posted on fb)

  265. Hershel Pfalzgraf says:

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  266. Rob Fox says:

    Baron is THE BEST, he “walks softly & carries a big stick” 🙂

  267. admin says:

    Hi Cheryl, I have seen the non-homogenized milk at Whole Foods. They call it “Cream Line”. I wish I had the bottles that make it easier to skim the cream. I have a difficult time with getting too much milk mixed with the cream & can’t make butter with it.

  268. Cheryl Basso says:

    Saw your post on my facebook page. Hope to be able to pick up a couple of your chickens. We bought one last year and really enjoyed it. And the photo of the milk was interesting. When I was a kid, we used to go to the ‘milk station’ (that’s what my mother called it – it was a store that sold milk) we were able to buy un homogenized milk. There was a cup shaped lip on the bottle that would capture the cream and we could either shake the bottle to blend the milk, or pour the ‘skim’ milk over the cup at the top of the bottle the collected the cream.
    I know it is difficult to buy un pasteurized milk, but I wish we could still buy un homogenized.Thanks for the photo.
    Cheryl from Plainfield

  269. admin says:

    Hi Kim, We do have eggs.

  270. Kim Riley says:

    Hello, just wanted to know if you had any eggs available. Thanks!

  271. Emir Ray says:

    Thanks for the information, looking forward to visiting your farm. 🙂

  272. admin says:

    Hi Jennifer, We will have chickens available in early Nov. If you want 6 or more, we ask that you pre-order & leave a deposit of $5.00 per chicken. If you want fewer than 6, you don’t need to pre-order. I will post on the Blog when they are ready. We keep them in a freezer, so we will need to know when you would like to pick them up. They will be $4.00 per lb and will be sold as a whole chicken (no parts) either un-cut or cut-up into 10 peices (for and additional .55 per bird).

    We have eggs year-round. We keep them in a cooler in the vegetable stand untill it gets too cold outside. At that point we will be selling them from the house & you will need to call first. The eggs are $4.00 per dozen and come from our hens that are fed organic feed and allowed free access to pasture.

    Thank you for your interest

  273. Jennifer Chlebek says:

    I would like information on the pre orders for chickens and eggs. I’m new to organic and farm fresh meats. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

    Thank You

  274. admin says:

    Thanks Sue

  275. Sue Glenn says:

    We talked about tomatoes and yarn at Minooka’s Farmers Market. Good looking and informative website.

  276. admin says:

    Hi Terri, You could pick them up tomorrow. I’ll put them in the cooler with your name on the bag.

    Thanks, Pam

  277. Terri Schimdt says:

    Hi Pam

    I would like to order 1 dozen eggs to be picked-up in the cooler, please let me know when they will be avalible.


  278. admin says:

    I meant Glad (not Blad) – LOL

  279. admin says:

    Blad you are enjoying them Carolyn. We’ll have more ready around the end of Oct.

  280. Carolyn says:

    These are by far the best chickens. We will be ordering them again. 🙂

  281. adam jones says:

    eggs are delecious
    just like getting them

  282. adam jones says:

    organic food is useful
    raising chicken is my game

  283. Cheryl Krug says:

    Fabulous corn! Bought some this morning, ate it twice today. Best corn we’ve had all year. You have a loyal weekly customer for eggs and veggies!

  284. admin says:

    Hi Jennifer, The strawberries would have been ready in early June, but the warm weather in March followed by freezing weather in April killed all the blossoms.

  285. Jennifer says:

    When will your strawberries be ready? Thanks!

  286. admin says:

    It’s over 100 degrees and the alpacas are sunbathing! Chikillia did lay down in the pool after his “sun bath” but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.

  287. Pam – How’s your garden growing? Hope the lack of rain recently hasn’t caused any problems. Is the butter beans, purple hull peas, and collards growing? I’ve been very busy and haven’t gotten out to see you lately. What’s in the stand now? Can’t waite till the tomatoes are ripe! Take care and good luck with the garden walk!

  288. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, We have lettuce. It’s just starting to come in so there’s just a few bags.

  289. hat else do u have in the stand?

  290. admin says:

    It is garlic. It will be ready mid-June. We have opened the stand and have eggs in the cooler. Just starting to pick spinich and lettuce so that should be in the cooler this week.

  291. Alex says:

    Looks good! Its garlic?

    Also, is the farm stand open yet? I drive by the farm most afternoons on the way home from work.

  292. Erika says:

    They are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  293. admin says:

    Hi Sarah, I think we will have 3 dozen available every week at that point, but there may be some weeks we will only have 2 dozen. Let me know when you will be wanting to pick them up.

    Thanks, Pam

  294. Sarah Fellows says:

    I was wondering if I can order 3 doz of eggs a week? I came & visited about a month ago and was hoping that by April 15th I could put in an order of 3 dozen eggs a week.
    Please contact me and let me know if that is possible:) Thanks so much!
    Sarah Fellows

  295. Sharon Studer says:

    Thank you for listening…I am so glad to hear that you are planting Asparagus.

  296. admin says:

    Libby, It’s nice to have produce in the freezer and canned. Today I’m making red sauce from tomatoe sauce I canned last summer and organic/pastured pork from Meadowhaven Farm.
    The 1st 2 alpacas are coming next Saturday. I’ll be posting pictures!

  297. admin says:

    We have 100 new asparagus plants ordered. They do take 2 years befor they can be picked so we will start harvesting them in 2014.
    They will be planted in the old strawberry bed. We also have 400 strawberry plants coming to be planted in a new raised bed that Bill has prepared for them.

  298. Annette Conroy says:

    I agree Asparagus would be great!

  299. Annette Conroy says:

    Would love to try the corn meal when ready!

  300. admin says:

    It has been confirmed that Rudy is a girl – she started laying eggs! She seems to know her name so I guess we won’t change it.

  301. Sharon Studer says:

    I do know it takes several years…I’d like to see Fresh Asparagus.

  302. JEAN STUCZYNSKI says:

    I live close by in Channahon and now that I know where you are, interested in eggs and maybe chickens so if I could get some more information on these, I would appreciate it.



  303. I seriously like the style of the internet site. I had a peek at your source code, hope you do not mind, to check what theme you might be employing. Is it it a no price theme or do I’ve to buy it?

  304. Libby says:

    Pam- Thanks so much for remembering me. I totally enjoy visiting your farm in the summer and look forward to the holsome veges you grow. I’m still enjoying them from my freezer! You are planning a fun and exciting year for2012 and I wish you much success! Good luck will the garden walk and the new animals I’m really looking forward to meeting them!
    See you strawberry season !

  305. Jennifer Stermer says:

    Great, thanks. See you then!

  306. admin says:

    Jennifer, Wednesday will be fine. They are 3.50 per dz

  307. Jennifer Stermer says:

    Can I pick up a dozen on Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30? How much do they cost?

  308. admin says:

    Jennifer, Yes we are. We are not putting them in the cooler because it’s too cold. We have them in the house now, so you’ll have to call ahead.
    Thanks, Pam

  309. Jennifer Stermer says:

    Are you still selling eggs? Thanks! ~Jennifer

  310. Sue Taylor says:

    Thank you. I stop by your stand whenever I can. Your produce is excellent and I wish you success in your endeavor. The web cam idea will be great as it would be nice to know what’s available before making the drive over. Will you have straw bales for sale this year?

  311. Carmen Schneider says:

    Hi Pam. My mom would like to have a whole fryer when they are ready. Thanks

  312. Erin Koenig says:

    I visited your farmstand for the first time today and bought some tomatoes and potatos. Both are excellent! Your cherry tomatoes are out of this world. I will be a repeat costumer for sure!

  313. admin says:

    This is a great recipe for using cherry tomatoes. If you don’t like the salty capers and Greek olives, you can skip the capers and use black olives instead. I also like to add some fresh grated parm cheese.

  314. When will you have more beets?

  315. admin says:

    Jillian, They are in the cooler in the stand, so you can come whenever it’s convienent for you. I would suggest sooner rather than later because they are picked ripe.

  316. Jillian Sawyer says:

    We will be there! What time can we come??

  317. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, This cool weather is slowing things down. Normaly we would have them by the 1st of June. I will post on the site when they’re ready. Thanks for asking.

  318. Pam says:

    Lillian, Our address is 1221 Bell Rd., Minooka 60447. You can take I80 to the Minooka exit and go North on Ridge Rd. (about 2 miles) to Bell Rd. Turn left on Bell and we are the 1st farm on the right side of the road. If your coming from the north and want to avoid the construction on 80, you can take Rt 52 to Ridge Rd (south) and Bell Rd is the 1st cross road – turn left.

  319. Lillian Hatcher says:

    May I have directions to your location please. Thank you.

  320. When do expect to have strawberries?

  321. admin says:

    Yes! She flew the coop. Literally!

    Check out our new photo gallery at the top of the page to see the rescue operation!

  322. Lauren Cruse says:

    …a runaway hen?!

  323. Can’t wait till things start showing up in your little market. Hope it won’t bee long!

  324. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, We have closed the stand for the season. The sweet potatoes didn’t do well this year. It was our first year growing them and with the bad weather in the spring we had to replant. I think it was too late by the time we replanted because most were very thin. Hope to do better next year.


  325. Elizabeth Holcombe says:

    Do you still have sweet potatoes in the stand?

  326. admin says:

    Hi Judy, We expect the hens to start laying the beginning of March. I will post it on the site and also send you an e-mail when they do.

    Thanks, Pam

  327. JUDY HUTH says:

    I am interested in when your eggs will be available in Spring? Would you please e-mail me. Thank you, Judy

  328. admin says:

    Our sweet corn is finished for this year. Hopefully we will have a longer season with it next year.

  329. ron says:

    will there be sweet corn in the month of september. we enjoyed the tomatoes and peppers immensely. we just found out about your farm, we are sold on it. when will the pumpkins be available.

  330. admin says:

    We are picking lots of sweet corn and have had several people come back for more and said it’s the best they’ve ever had!

  331. Lauri says:

    Your garlic is the best!!! : )