Creekside Market Day – May 11th

We are 2 weeks away from our first Creekside Market Day for 2019! 

9-2 on Saturday May the 11th

Even with all of the cool weather transplants out, our greenhouse is full. Our smaller peppers will keep their covers on through the weekend and HOPEFULLY – this will be the last few days of running the greenhouse heaters!

We will have a selection of our favorite veggie transplant plus a few container friendly varieties.

One of our “container” tomatoes in front of a standard tomato plant


Sweet Lunchbox pepper plants

 We hope to start selling our warm weather plants next weekend – if the weather cooperates. We use organic soil and no chemical fertilizers or sprays in our greenhouse. The plants that we start from seed are growing in Fertilpots – less plastic in our lives and less work to transplant! There are a couple of herbs and our succulents that are growing in plastic pots. The Fertilpots won’t hold up for the extended time these slower growing plants need in the greenhouse.

Here is a list of what we will have available for sale:


Lunchbox, Sweet Chocolate, Round of Hungary, Cubanelle, Jimmy Nardello, Sweet Sunrise and Islander

These are all sweet peppers. Our hot peppers had to be re planted due to their need for warmth and our super sold winter. We may have a few ready for sale by the end of May.



Rosita, Ping Tung, Little Fingers, Diamond, Pandora Striped and Prosperosa


Sweet basil, lemon basil, lime basil, dill, parsley, cilantro, chives, 

lemon thyme and rosemary 


Cherry and salad type

Sungold, Black Cherry, Pink Bumblebee, Sunrise Bumblebee,Sweetie, Golden Current, Tommy Toe, Piglet Willie,  Mountain Magic, Sweet Cherriette

Roma/paste type

San Marzano, Comstock

Slicing/beefsteak type

Mortgage Lifter, Manyel yellow, Nepal,Arkansas Traveler, Barns Mountain Yellow, Woodle Orange, German Pink, Moskovich, Marglobe, Blue beauty, True black brandywine, Big Rainbow, Gold medal, Copia, Manzana, Carbon, Raspberry Lyanna

Container type

Gendula, Cyril’s Choice, Amber, Urlansiky

Our cool weather transplants are available now in the farmstand and include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and pansies



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