Organic Plants

We still have a nice selection of organic tomato, pepper and herb plants. We would like them to find a good home so are lowering their price to $2.00 per plant or 10 plants for $15.00

Now is the perfect time to plant your heat loving garden plants. We still have a nice selection of tomato, pepper and herb plants. All are growing in organic soil and were grown in our organic greenhouse. We choose our varieties for their great flavor and healthy growth.

Here is what we have available:


German Pink, Blue Beauty, Black Brandywine, Copia, Mortgage Lifter, Atlantic prize, Martian Giant, Rosabec, Arkansas Traveler, Raspberry Lyanna, Mountain magic, Black Verissage, Moskovich, Napal, Big Rainbow, Barns Mountain yellow, Gold Medal, Woodle orange, San marzano, San Remo, Sungold, Black Cherry, Galiana, Pink Bumblebee


Flavorburst, Islander, Lunchbox Red and Yellow, Jimmy Nardello, Shishito


Sweet basil, rosemarry, French tarragon, Italian orageno, dill

All above plants are $2.00 each

Lavander – $4.00 each

pansies – $1

Plants are available in our self service stand. If you have questions about a particular variety, you can send us a message or check on-line.


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  1. Denise Crump says:

    Just got home from getting my vegetable plants. They look so great. The one even has little tomatoes.

    Thank you for all the info Pam. My daughter, Skylar, went on and on about how nice and smart you are. She’s also informed me that I’m not allowed to visit without her anymore.

    We will keep checking the blog and see you again very soon.

  2. Creekside Natural Farm awesome ty pam

  3. Maryann Bastone Miller I put several plants in the stand in the tray with the sweet basil

  4. Creekside Natural Farm Thank You! I’ll try to make it over today!

  5. I have a few more Maryann. I can put them in the stand for you if you let me know when.

  6. Rhonda White, Rosabec is our only determinate tomato. here is the description – Awesome early pink slicer tomato from Quebec. Being from another short season climate it is perfect for the Pacific Northwest. 6-8 oz pink globe fruit, excellent flavor and yields. Blemish free and good firmness make it great for market. The tall determinate bushes are easily caged or staked with a Florida weave trellis.

  7. 10 plants for $15 I will take then please

  8. Will u have any more lemon basil lolol i need a field of it pam ……

  9. Do you have Mortgage Lifters left? And any cherry style tomatoes?

  10. Rhonda White says:

    Do you have any tomato or pepper plants that would work well in a large container?