Organic Tomato Plants

We will have a nice variety of organic tomato plants this year.

They are still in the greenhouse but will soon be moved out to the coldframe to get acclimated to the great outdoors. We will have them for sale at our May 12th Creekside Market. 

We start them from seed in our greenhouse in organic soil. This year we will be selling them in a 4.5 inch biodegradable EcoPot. Most of our tomato seed comes from Bakers Creek, so you can look up the listed varieties. A sampling of the available varieties includes some of our regular favorites:

Mortgage Lifter

Black Cherry

Sun Gold Cherry

Pink Bumblebee

Arkansas Traveler

Atlantic Prize

Marglobe Supreme

Piglet Willie

San Marzano


and some new varieties:

Black Brandywine

Blue Beauty

Raspberry Lyanna

Barnes Mountain Yellow

Big Rainbow


Mountain Magic


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