Eggs are in the stand!

We have opened the stand and there are egggs in the cooler!

┬áThese eggs come from our hens that eat certified organic feed (no GMO’s and no animal bi-products) and whatever they find in their large pasture. Our hens are Certified Humane Raised and Handled.

Eggs are $4.00 per dozen and you can leave your payment in the drop-box in the vegetable stand if we are not around.

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  1. adam jones says:

    eggs are delecious
    just like getting them

  2. Pam – How’s your garden growing? Hope the lack of rain recently hasn’t caused any problems. Is the butter beans, purple hull peas, and collards growing? I’ve been very busy and haven’t gotten out to see you lately. What’s in the stand now? Can’t waite till the tomatoes are ripe! Take care and good luck with the garden walk!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, We have lettuce. It’s just starting to come in so there’s just a few bags.

  4. hat else do u have in the stand?