Meat chicken pre-orders

We will be placing our spring meat chicken order this week.  If you would like to pre-order to ensure you will get the quantity you want (especially if you want them cut-up), you can e-mail your information to pam@creeksidenaturalfarm Please include your name,  phone number, e-mail address, the quantity you want and weather you want them whole or cut-up.

After about 2 weeks in the brooder room under heat lamps, our chickens are raised  outside in the pasture.  We move their shelter to fresh grass as needed (almost erery day as they get bigger).  They are fed only certified organic high protien feed. No GMO grains! They are processed at Central Illinois Poultry Processing – the only certified inspected poultry processor in the state. They are packaged in heavy plastic and vacuum sealed – ready for the freezer.

The price will be $3.75 per lb for whole chickens snd .55 cents extra per bird (not per lb) for cut up chickens.  We do not include the necks, liver & gizzards so you are not paying for that. You are also not paying for added water.

This will be our only order until the fall.


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  1. admin says:

    Hi Jennifer, We will have chickens available in early Nov. If you want 6 or more, we ask that you pre-order & leave a deposit of $5.00 per chicken. If you want fewer than 6, you don’t need to pre-order. I will post on the Blog when they are ready. We keep them in a freezer, so we will need to know when you would like to pick them up. They will be $4.00 per lb and will be sold as a whole chicken (no parts) either un-cut or cut-up into 10 peices (for and additional .55 per bird).

    We have eggs year-round. We keep them in a cooler in the vegetable stand untill it gets too cold outside. At that point we will be selling them from the house & you will need to call first. The eggs are $4.00 per dozen and come from our hens that are fed organic feed and allowed free access to pasture.

    Thank you for your interest

  2. Jennifer Chlebek says:

    I would like information on the pre orders for chickens and eggs. I’m new to organic and farm fresh meats. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

    Thank You

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Sue

  4. Sue Glenn says:

    We talked about tomatoes and yarn at Minooka’s Farmers Market. Good looking and informative website.